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Largest Lottery Wins

This article is all about the sort of Lottery wins that not just buy you a new house, car etc but they actually buy you a whole new life and a whole new way of living. Most of us have played the Lottery in it’s many different forms but it’s only a select few who’ve ever won. Just getting three numbers can start the pulses rising so the feeling of actually winning the Jackpot must be unbelievable. Below are some stories of lucky winners from Europe and the U.S.A. And not just any old winners but some of the biggest winners ever!!!!! Maybe reading about them will bring some luck your way and we might be writing about you soon!!! Fingers crossed eh?

In 2012 a Lottery Jackpot was won of an unbelievable 656 million dollars! No, that is not a typo. In British pounds that equals to about £425,783,252. Yep! An unbelievable win. This massive Jackpot wasn’t awarded to one winner though. Three tickets had the same numbers so the Jackpot was shared. As you can easily work out each ticket would have had a completely life changing jackpot attached to it. The game this was won on was the American Mega Millions. Players have to choose 5 main numbers and one Mega Ball number. The main numbers range from 1-75 and the Mega Ball number from 1-15. To win this amazing Jackpot you have to get 5 of the main numbers to match as well as your Mega Ball number. That’s what happened to these lucky winners.
The same year (wow, 2012 was a lucky year it seemed) some British winners were lucky enough to win the biggest Lottery jackpot that Europe has ever seen. They won £148.6 million on the EuroMillions lottery. Can you imagine the excitement when they realised that this Jackpot was theirs and theirs alone. To get this massive amount they had to pick 5 main numbers and then on top of that 2 lucky star numbers. The main numbers range from 1-50 and the lucky stars from 1-11. Their ticket had the winning combination and the Jackpot was theirs! Wow, imagine £148.6 million being all yours!!!!!!
Our last story if from the beautiful, and obviously very lucky Italy. The biggest win there came in 2010. The most popular lottery game to be played there is called the SuperEnalotto. To play you’d need to pick 6 numbers that range from 1-90. Match all six and that Jackpot will be yours. This is precisely what happened to one lucky winner and their prize was a staggering €177.8 million which is roughly £126,891,303.22. So as you can see this player would have been popping the corks that weekend.

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