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Online Bingo Popularity

Online Bingo is a business that has grown and grown over the last decade but it’s actually been around from the late 90’s. Not too long after the first online casinos started appearing. Actually playing Bingo online was possible on many of these online casinos but just as one game, “Bingo Zone”. It was years later until the developers realised just how popular online bingo would be. Apparently Bingo Halls around the UK are closing at a very quick speed and it’s easy to see why. Apart from the fact you can play at home you also don’t need to spend a certain amount buying Bingo books etc. Believe it or not many Bingo Hall operators said that numbers started to decline when the smoking ban was introduced in 2007.
However this does also coincide ( by a few years) with the growth and popularity of not just online Bingo but also Mobile Bingo. This is the side of Bingo that just keeps on growing and growing. Some sites now are actually aimed more towards the Mobile Bingo world than the Desktop or Downloadable Bingo world.
But why is online Bingo so popular???? We think there’s a few reasons-

  1. Okay, lets remember the aim of the game here- to win the Jackpot. Although it is a game it doesn’t really involve any skill as you have no control over which numbers come up. Just wait, be patient and pray your numbers come up (legs eleven etc!!!). So yeah, we think it’s very popular as you can have fun and also win a big Jackpot. Have you seen how big some of these Jackpots grow????
  2. These days playing online Bingo is possibly friendlier and more interactive than actually attending a real life Bingo Hall. The amazing chat rooms are a place you can let off steam, have a laugh and congratulate and commiserate each other. People make genuine friendships in these Bingo chat rooms and a new job has now been created. A chat moderator. The chat moderator, CM as they’re called, are there to welcome you into the room and keep things flowing.
  3. You don’t need to plan an outing to the Bingo Hall. Just pick up your laptop or mobile and get playing. You don’t even need to get dressed. Mind you, on some of the online Bingo sites you can choose to be recorded if you win so maybe then it’s worth being clothed!
  4. Finally we think another massive plus is that on these great sites you can not only play Bingo but also loads of slots and other games that just aren’t available in the Bingo Halls. Lets remember that some of these slots carry life changing Jackpots.

So yeah, that’s a few reasons why we think that Online Bingo is so popular. Please feel free to add comments and views and we’ll put together a list of why YOU love online bingo so much.

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