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UK Lottery Winner Stories

For these UK lottery winners they way they spend/spent their time and Lottery Jackpot varies hugely.  The stories may make you laugh, they may make you cry but there’s no way you can stop asking yourself “What would I do with that Jackpot?”.
Luke Pittard- This may not be the biggest Jackpot ever won but it is definitely our favourite story. In 2006 Luke Pittard was just an ordinary guy working in McDonald’s. Then the Lottery Jackpot came of £1.3 million. So what did he do with the winnings??? Well, he bought a new house ( of course). Went abroad for a lavish wedding ( of course). Then went back to work in McDonald’s (Uhhhh…what?????). Yep, this happy Lottery Jackpot winner missed his job and colleagues so applied for his old job and was thankfully given it back!
A great story that makes us like this Lottery winner a lot. Even if we don’t quite understand. Apparently he earns more each week from the interest on his win than he ever will at work!
Callie Rogers- Most 16 year olds are learning to drive or crossing their fingers for the right grades to carry on education etc. Not Callie Rogers. At just 16 she was the youngest UK winner to win the Lottery Jackpot. She won £1.9 million but now has only a few grand left in the bank! The Jackpot went on class A drugs, boozing and plastic surgery. However, now in her late twenties she couldn’t be happier. She has a family of her own, her own house and a great job. She’s been quoted of saying that maybe 16 is a  bit young to win the Lottery Jackpot. We agree.
Michael Carroll- Back in 2002 Carroll was only 19 and working as a bin man. Then he won the Lottery Jackpot! The amount that came speeding towards him was almost £10 million!!!! Sadly the money left him almost as quickly as it arrived. It started off well when he invested £4 million in bonds. However he had to withdraw this early, with massive costs, as his Jackpot was dwindling. Apparently he had helped out family then spent the rest on partying and other expensive items. Carroll is now back working in a factory on minimum wage.
They had it, they lost it! Well, 2 of them anyway. Some bad decisions were made but at least they had a great time making those decisions!

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