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What would YOU buy?

So today we’ve been talking in the office about what we’d spend a Lottery Jackpot on. First question of course is how big is the Jackpot?? So we looked at the biggest (dream big guys!!!) Euromillions Jackpot ever won in the UK and took that as our amount.
The biggest UK win in the EuroMillions was €190 million. This massive Jackpot was won in 2012 by one very lucky couple, Adrian and Gillian Bayford. Obviously the list of things you could buy from this gigantic Jackpot could be very very long so we’ve put down our favourite 5. What we’d really like is for you to join in and let us know what you’d buy.

  1. Look we know this is pretty obvious but we all asaid the first big buy would be that dream car you’ve always wanted. We all agreed on this but no way agreed on what car. The cars mentioned were Ferrari LaFerrari ( $1.4 million), the Aston Martin One-77 ($1.4 million) and finally a Bugatti Veyron ($1.2 million). Buying any of these wouldn’t even dent that massive Jackpot. So why not buy the three???
  2. Next up was the dream holiday. Favourite destinations included Bermuda, Dubai and New Zealand. Obviously staying in 5 star accommodation and ordering whatever you like on room service! One of our colleagues actually said they’d pick up their win and fly straight to New York to sit down and decide where to go on holiday! Nice!
  3. So, the inevitable, a new house. But hang on not just a house, with the Jackpot of €190 million we aren’t just buying a house, oh no, we’re buying our very own island! If it’s good enough for Richard Branson it’s certainly good enough for us. We found a nice little island in Fiji, south pacific that was up for two and half million quid. Done. As long as there’s wifi we’re on our way!
  4. Well, we’ve got the island so what comes next? Yep, the boat of course. I mean come on we need to be practical here. Okay so if the truth be known we actually know zilch about yachts but with a quick little Google we found a beautiful one called Riva Domino for just three and a half million. Bargain! We’ll take it.
  5. Finally we thought it was time for a bit of Culture. So our last item on this list would be a piece of original art work. A Picasso? A Rembrandt? A Van Gogh? Take your pick. At least you’ll finally have something to hang in that downstairs loo of your mansion!

So that’s our list. Back to work now, enough daydreaming. Let us know your ideas and we’ll get a list together of the best ones.

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